Devoldfabrikken - Always keeping one step ahead

Filling these old factory premises with outlet shops, cafés and artist workshops is both innovative and exciting. Devold Factory is the perfect gathering spot for friends, colleagues and the whole family. You can spend hours here or just pop in for a quick errand. Enjoy a good cup of coffee or a tasty meal in these historic settings where past meets present and provides a warm atmosphere.

Devoldfabrikken has been exciting and innovative right from the very beginning when Ole Andreas Devold, founder of the Devold Factory, started his own textile factory in Ålesund in 1853. With the latest in mechanical equipment, he quickly started producing hats, mittens, underwear and work clothes.

In 1868 he moved production to Langevåg, Sula where he built not only the Devoldfabrikken, but also one of this country's first electric power stations.

 Throughout the 1870s, Devold produced a multitude of knitted and woven woollen textiles. New garments were constantly being developed and adapted to meet the market’s needs and demands. Ole Andreas was both visionary and brilliant, and he soon realized that quality combined with new thinking was crucial for the company to succeed.


Devold Factory was also very early with:

• Telephone in 1883: After a trade show in America, two telephone sets were brought back to Norway. A three-mile long telephone line was laid around the entire Borgundfjord to keep in touch between management in Ålesund and production in Langevåg. This meant that the workers saved many boat trips and production became more streamlined.

• First electric light in Sunnmøre! Just a few years after Edison invented the light bulb, in 1883, 125 light bulbs were installed in the weaving room. The factory premises had dark walls and small windows and it was therefore a major advancement when the oil lamps were replaced with electric light. Ole Andreas Devold came home with a DC generator and a hired technician after a trade show in London.

We at Devoldfabrikken are under constant development. It is an honour to be allowed to take care of and use these unique factory premises and fill them with life and joy. We have lots of exciting plans for the future and enjoy seeing all the people who visit us every day!