You are most welcome t visit the atelier for a look at the paintings. Please contact for appointment.

Inger Giskeødegård

Artist Inger K. Giskeødegård has her studio at Devoldfabrikken. Although she works a lot outside and other places, this is where all her pictures are exhibited when they are finished. Inger has been a full-time artist since 1987. - I do everything from smaller newspaper drawings to large formats such as decorating an interior, says the artist. The techniques she uses are varied and exciting! Oil on canvas, drawing and painting combined in oil pictures, watercolour on paper, lithography and digital graphics, which is when she draws on an iPad by hand. You are most welcome to visit the studio and see these magnificent pictures. Please contact us to make an appointment. Inger K. Giskeødegård is a member of the Norske Billedkunstnere (NBK), Tegnerforbundet and Nordiske Tegnere.