Devold Model Train Museum is open EVERY Saturday: 12-16

Devold Model Train Museum (Devoldbanen)

Devoldbanen is open EVERY Saturday: 12-16 Keen enthusiasts are building up what will be Scandinavia’s largest model train track! They are enjoying having a space of 1000m2 here at Devoldfabrikken. The work got off to a great start and about 1/3 of the construction is already now finished. Entrance fee 50 NOK - free 0-3 years.

Let yourself be impressed by the Devold Model Railway!

Did you know that Norway’s largest model railway is at Devold Factory? The Devold Model Railway is an impressive miniature world with an incredible number of beautiful details that keep you constantly discovering something new in the landscape.


From Norway to America in seconds.

The settings are varied, with different layouts just like a scene from the theatre where you can experience model trains, buses and cars that travel around in fantasy mini landscapes such as Switzerland, Norway, America and soon also Denmark. In the landscape that depicts Birkeland, Norway, you can even find the childhood home of Egil Flakk, who is the driving force behind this unique project.

There are various buttons you can press to hear music that sets the right mood for each different landscape. The Devold Model Railway is a place for both the old and the young, and to make it even more exciting night-time descends over this miniature world every 15 minutes.

All traffic is computer-controlled with an advanced system. The computer keeps track of the trains and the other vehicles so they do not collide with each other and ensures that they park where they should.


Eager and creative enthusiasts

The Devold Model Railway was built by the Pensen’s Friends Club, which consists of a group of enthusiasts all with a great interest in trains and railways. They have been together for 30 years and share the interest of this technical hobby. The group enjoy the run of a spacious 1000 sqm at Devold Factory and meet up several times a week.

Everyone is given the freedom to use their creative side when building a model railway.

- We are good at different things, says Helge Havnes. - Carpentry, painting, assembling, connecting electronics and planning. We are working on an comprehensive plan, and at the moment we are building what will be Denmark and the Rauma Railway, Norway.


Thousands of visitors

The interest in seeing the Devold Model Railway is enormous! In the past four years the model railway has had 12,000 visitors. - We also conduct guided tours for associations, schools, and groups in connection with Christmas parties, conferences and as teambuilding.

You are very welcome to visit the the Devold Model Railway! It is suitable for all age groups, both adults and children.